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During the last few years, the number of customer service and support emails received by companies have drastically increased. As a result, some businesses get thousands of emails every day from their customers who expect a response within a day or two. However, many companies can't handle these demands and take anywhere from 3-14 business days to respond. Our email support teams are dedicated to putting the needs of your customers first and creating quick and memorable experiences and have been for over ten years.

Short- and long- term contracts

Many companies choose to utilize our services for short promotional campaigns. As a result, we work with many different length contracts to provide the best available options to suit the unique needs of our customers.

Custom-built scripts

Most businesses don't have the time to build their own script - they know what they need done and just want it to be completed. We have years of experience taking situations like these and generating results quickly. We are able to build scripts for anything from promotional campaigns to customer support e-mails.

Internal or External trouble ticket systems

We provide our in-house trouble ticket system to clients that don't want to go through the hoops necessary with integrating their systems. This way, our customers have the ability to begin projects quickly and without all of the red tape.

State of the art reporting and tracking

Having the ability to access and view progress, tracking tickets, and reporting on your campaigns is just as important as completing the campaign itself is. That's why our e-mail support services come equipped with our top-notch reporting portal - so you can quickly and efficiently view analytics and results.

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