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Managing and comparing multiple campaigns has never been easier than with our LeadGen software. Our state of the art application is a flexible, customizable product that quickly and efficiently automates the capture of contact information. By using it, you can be sure to record exactly what is important to you and your campaigns while seamlessly integrating it into your existing CMS or record-keeping software.

Quickly and efficiently capture contact information

Our LeadGen software uses speech recognition and machine intelligence to capture the contact information of all incoming leads. You decide what you would like it to capture - from first and last name to email and phone number.

Heightened return on leads

Our almost real-time transcription services turn all captured information into potential leads for your company. Your leads are transcribed by top-quality transcriptionists focused on helping you generate the most from each and every lead.

Easily manage and compare multiple campaigns

We offer state of the art reporting services inside of our portal with customizable options that allow you to compare multiple campaigns side-by-side to see where your best quality leads are coming from and more.

Hybrid Services build higher lead retention

Your customers have the ability to complete their call through our Interactive Voice services or to speak directly with a live agent, giving you additional means to build and retain leads through.


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