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Products and Services

We provide many products and services tailored to the individual needs of our customers. We are able to develop hosted solutions using anything from the simplicity of touchtone to the complexity of hybrid IVR and live agent services - and anything in between. Our state of the art reporting portal works seamlessly with our products, services, and most CSM and record-keeping software to bring heightened benefits to our customers.

Our solutions are designed using the latest and greatest hardware and software technologies, allowing us to quickly and successfully develop and deploy custom applications. Our solutions give you the ability to increase your ROI by reducing costs, increasing customer retention, and maintaining fluid experiences for your customers.

Our products and services are broken into 5 different categories, each having a unique set of benefits to our customers. By breaking them down like this, we are able to create customized, scalable solutions for any business by using any combination of our proven solutions:

Interactive Voice Response

Hosted Interactive Voice Response applications are highly customizable solutions that can be built around your specific needs. Our engineers have built thousands of different applications as solutions over the past decade. By enlisting us to build and host their IVR applications, our customers have been able to solve a wide array of solutions, both common across verticals and unique to their industry. Learn more about our Interactive Voice Response Solutions.

Outbound IVR Services

Businesses are always looking for more efficient ways to reach their customers. We introduced our outbound broadcasts and blasts as their solution. We are able to broadcast scheduled messages across hundreds and thousands of lines in minute amounts of time. We are also able to blast urgent notifications and last-minute information out to your customers within minutes. Learn more about our Outbound IVR Services.


The key to a continuously successful business is the ability to successfully generate and follow up on leads. Having a customized platform to record and take action upon your leads is by far the most efficient way to do this. Our LeadGen applications are tailored to the needs of your specific campaign goals to bring you the information you need to make the most of your leads. Learn more about our LeadGen.


Handling recalls is one of the most sensitive procedures in business. Companies need a way to be able to quickly and efficiently complete the recall while being confident that nothing was overlooked. Delicate situations like these require quick and precise action to be resolved effectively, which is exactly what you get when you use our recall solutions. Learn more about our Recall Services.

Call Routing

Call Routing is about much more than just sending calls one way or another; It's about heightening the efficacy of your internal organization and increasing your ROI through streamlined customer experience. After all, what's more efficient than trading in the high cost of live representatives for the fractional cost of a friendly and easy-to-use prompt? Learn more about our Call Routing Service.