Icon depicting two gears togethor representing interactivity.Outbound IVR Services

Our outbound automations can send calls to multiple locations and extensive lists of people in drastically shorter periods of time than other means. We are able to design the applications for specific one-time campaigns, sales contests, and product promotions, or set up recurring and ongoing notifications. Because of its capability to send out hundreds and thousands of simultaneous calls, it provides a powerful substitute to live agents and manual phone calls.

Our outbound applications are able to be used in a number of various ways. Once it has been established, we are able to send out quick blasts within minutes to your customers, ensuring they receive your message as quickly as possible. We are also able to schedule these broadcasts to be sent out in waves and at specific times, ensuring the highest answering and satisfaction rates at the lowest price.

Contact thousands in moments

With Outbound Automation, you can contact hundreds or thousands of people in the time it takes to place just one call, freeing up your resources to focus on other tasks at hand.

Multi-channel delivery

Our broadcasts are not limited to only those who answer the phone - with multi-channel delivery, your pre-recorded messages can be left on the voicemail or answering machine of any receivers who do not answer. Our system also dynamically handles the redials of busy signals and non-answering numbers, increasing the accuracy of your broadcasts without holding up your resources.

Detailed reporting

See the real-time progress of your outbound campaigns through our state of the art reporting portal. Customizable charts and graphics allow you to gather information based on numerous variables.

Drastically reduce cost and save time

Interactive voice solutions are inherently less expensive than live agents. This, coupled with our ability to broadcast messages out to thousands at a time, drastically reduces the monetary and time burden on your company when using our outbound services.


  • Appointment Scheduling and Reminders
  • Lead Generation
  • Political Polling
  • Payment Reminders / Collections
  • Fundraising Efforts
  • Product Recall
  • Marketing Outbound Applications
  • Non-Profit / Donations

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