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Some IVR instances require for voice data to be captured and recorded. Our transcriptionists can transcribe the recorded data using our advanced software within 24 hours - any format and length, we can transcribe the files and send the text to you in the formats that you request. Our custom solutions allow the recorded voice files to be automatically transmitted through our dynamic web tool directly to our transcriptionists, allowing for exponentially faster returns. We have partnered with multiple vendors to provide unmatched quality and reliability to our customers.

Often times, companies don't have the software necessary to handle consistently high volumes - or if they do, it's highly inefficient. Outsourcing specific projects like these to us helps reserve your internal resources while still allowing you to continue business as usual in a most efficient manner. Don't let the transcription part of a project stop your business from growing.

High quality transcripts

We believe that making sure that every transcription is handled by the best-of-the-best is key. By doing so, you can be sure that you are making the most of your leads and providing optimum quality assurance to your customers.

Any format, any length

Our experienced transcriptionists work with many different kinds of media, providing quick and accurate text transcriptions for all of your business needs.

Unmatched reliability

Our advanced transcription services coupled with our highly skilled transcriptionists are what lead to our high success rates. With Contact Automation, you can be 100% sure that you are getting the most out of every recording, paving the way to a higher ROI and satisfied customers.

Unique CA transcription toolset

With our transcription services, we provide a unique set of tools built into our transcription software for the most efficient experience possible. These tools consist of anything from more proficient reporting to higher quality and more detailed transcriptions.



  • Address Change that can't be completed with ASR
  • Lead Generation Name & Address
  • Recorded Comments "Survey Applications"
  • CASS Certification of Address

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